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I grew up in Anchorage Alaska until I was partway through 6th grade, which is when we moved down to Nebraska. I like to study, to think, to learn, to dream (literally, i love lucid dreaming), and to have a good time. Yo puedo hablar español, y estaré estudiando en México este verano. I like physics, i hate chemistry (I’m sorry, I’m just better with physical math than chemical constituents and rote memorization). Biology gets a pass… I had a lot of fun dissecting the dead fetus in ninth grade (I made a little puppet out of it, shoving my thumb into it’s left front leg, and my pinky through the right front leg, and my middle fingers up through the mouth… succesfully grossing out many of the girls (and guys). Side note, three years later I went back to that room, and the pig tail I had cut off and shoved into one of the gas lines in the lab (the little hookups at each station) was still there, verifying that that burner had not been used in those three years as I had expected would be the case (they didn’t trust us with it). Damn, I shoulda kept the pig tail)

So, check me out for my updates. Post a msg if you feel like it or hit me up on facebook…



  1. “Principal” is a person who runs a school. I think you mean “…Principle.”

    • Zieg heil, fellow grammar nazi 🙂 (or however the f ‘heil’ is spelled.. I can’t spell in german yet)

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