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Category Archives: Observations

Simple observations that have boundless meaning.

A Confession:

Hello everybody,

I am an addict. I wish to admit this freely and openly, for I seek to change.

I smoke nearly a pack a day of cigarettes on average, though I wish I had never picked up a single cigarette… I can also easily drink 8 beers without feeling much of a buzz.

The sad thing is, is that alcohol is not my drug of choice, nicotine is not my drug of choice… I recognize both drugs as being extremely addictive and dangerous, and they produce nothing but diminishing returns.

Every day I suffer. I struggle to remember how my lungs felt when I was six, I recognize the hardness in my liver that I feel in my¬† gut from the years of drinking… I know that my lungs will one day fail miserably if I do not change my habits.

I make excuse after excuse, attempting to justify why I should go to the gas station to buy a pack of cig’s, or to buy a 6-pack of 16 ounces.

What is really sad, is that alcohol and cigarettes do not broaden my spiritual horizons at all. I find that the more I drink the less I am able to speak intellectually, the less I am able to react with any sort of higher level motor skill, the more that I do things which I regret with all of my heart. I refuse to deny that alcohol and cigarettes are debilitating, destructive, addictive, and dangerous drugs.

Thank god that I’ve got some pot right now. Otherwise I’d probably go and buy more of that crap.



Am I an alien? Are you an alien? Are we originally from this planet? Did we come here from another planet via ancient alien ancestors? Are there aliens right now out there in the world pretending to be humans?

I doubt it. I’m a person, you’re a person, you’re a robot, i’m a robot.. a biological robot. It doesn’t really matter if we came from this star or another star or wherever, because we are. We simply are. Home is where the heart is.

I also doubt that there are people out there right now pretending to be humans..

but I don’t doubt that aliens exist.. I also KNOW that they can astrally project themselves. I also KNOW that we can project ourselves too.. and they are trying to control humans. Aliens astrally project to this side of the universe to try and kill our species in order to manipulate us into killing ourselves, so that there won’t be any fight against them when they get here sometime in the future (I’ve got a guess on the year, but you’d have to know me to get that one)

How many people are being controlled through hypnosis to do all sorts of alien and foreign things? How often do you wonder why it is that the world is so f’d up?

I wonder it every day. The dark and corrupt things which people do no longer seem human to me. Maybe it’s not human.

Be there a pathway which were greater than I could ever achieve,
then let that be allowed to culmination without interference from my being…

But whatever which pathway that could ever be capably conceived,
that could ever stand a chance of emanating from the existence of my being,
shall henceforth and forthwith be dedicated to the unification of all the possibilities.

What am I? A curve along the line, the spinning revolution of a geodesic dome that infinitely scatters into the sky…
A burst of color that comes from none, a symmetry at once created while at the same time undone by the opposites creating a third dimension out of two, and six out of three..permeating beyond normal calculating capabilities due to the exponential increase of the fields reverberating into being.

I am a pool of crystalline glass soaking in the sunshine,
a puddle of sublimely shifting waves imperceptibly altering the line..
I am the infinite expanse which bursts forth from the center of my being,
a blazing fire of pure intensity.

The other night, I looked up at the moon and I realized that I could visibly see the effect of gravity. The curvature of the space around the moon was plainly visible to my eye. I could see the light being stretched and bent around the mass of the moon. In fact, later on in the night I could even see the stretching of the light around the moon to form a purple/violet halo around the moon (at least, this is what I assume led to the halo).

As I looked up at the moon, amazed at it’s beauty, I thought of something… why had I never noticed this before?? I was with my brother and my wife, and I pointed out the things I was seeing, and they saw them too..! I asked them if they had ever noticed these things before, and they never had! I still can’t get over that.

It’s as if my perceptions were just opened up for the night, allowing me to see things that were never before visible. Why it happened, I do not know, but I will definitely be observing the moon more often from now on.