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The other night, I looked up at the moon and I realized that I could visibly see the effect of gravity. The curvature of the space around the moon was plainly visible to my eye. I could see the light being stretched and bent around the mass of the moon. In fact, later on in the night I could even see the stretching of the light around the moon to form a purple/violet halo around the moon (at least, this is what I assume led to the halo).

As I looked up at the moon, amazed at it’s beauty, I thought of something… why had I never noticed this before?? I was with my brother and my wife, and I pointed out the things I was seeing, and they saw them too..! I asked them if they had ever noticed these things before, and they never had! I still can’t get over that.

It’s as if my perceptions were just opened up for the night, allowing me to see things that were never before visible. Why it happened, I do not know, but I will definitely be observing the moon more often from now on.


This is based off of a dream.

In the dream, I was wandering through a future mall. It was a somewhat plain hallway, but there were many rooms spanning off. The rooms were built in amphitheater style (I always thought it was ampitheatre, guess not..) with little platform sections for the players. Each group/player had their own little section of space. Everyone was wearing contact lenses, and an attendant acquired me a pair. When I stepped into the small playing field that was my ‘space’/’seat’ (there was no chair), approx. 8 ft by 8 ft in area, a projector light shined into my eyes.


You see, the contact lenses were specially designed to refract and reflect certain wavelengths of light. So, when the projector shined the light in my playing area, they refracted off of the specially designed contacts, which in turn created an image on the contacts. This created an essentially 3-d rendering of the video game that I had stepped into, completely immersing me in the visuals of the war game room that I had chosen to enter (like I said, it was a mall, and there were many rooms spanning off, i.e. many video game rooms. I had chosen a gears of war style gameroom).

Using facial, eye, and body recognition software, along with numerous other aspects (i.e. psych profile, previous player motion history (to compile approximations on reaction time, decision making, etc)) the computer was able to analyze my motions and intuitively respond to my every move, making the gaming experience extremely functional.

It’s not too far-fetched to believe that the true revolution in 3-d will come with specialized contacts.

Seek Your Mantra

I lie amidst a clamorous web of illusions.
Destruction darts into my heart, though I try to defy the delusions.
From within did this begin.. or, am I a host to someone else’s confusion?

I retreat deep inside of me to escape from the delusions.
Yet words I would not ever think within me I perceive, adding further to my confusion.
What I’d believed to be choices made by me seem apparently guided to be by masterful illusions.

A light is shone from deep in my soul which is without any confusion.
When flicked it’s lit and blasts straight past any sort of devious illusion.
Though it lights the road at night my meager mind is still subject to succumb to delusions.

As I lie amidst yet another attack against my mind by the powerful illusions.
I close my eyes and focus right attempting to not play the fool and submit no longer to the confusion.
Yet the question remains, “if not from me then where do these pains come from” which only hastens my return to the delusions.

Confusion illusions and delusions, common irrationalities. Clear perception of reality eludes the most intelligent among we. For though it’s simple enough it would seem, the world and our perceptions are quite complicated things. In the mouth of madness brings a transcendental lucidity. For in inherent complexity sanity is seen as vexing. Thus the truth spawns untruth, and falsehood brings about the true.