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Am I an alien? Are you an alien? Are we originally from this planet? Did we come here from another planet via ancient alien ancestors? Are there aliens right now out there in the world pretending to be humans?

I doubt it. I’m a person, you’re a person, you’re a robot, i’m a robot.. a biological robot. It doesn’t really matter if we came from this star or another star or wherever, because we are. We simply are. Home is where the heart is.

I also doubt that there are people out there right now pretending to be humans..

but I don’t doubt that aliens exist.. I also KNOW that they can astrally project themselves. I also KNOW that we can project ourselves too.. and they are trying to control humans. Aliens astrally project to this side of the universe to try and kill our species in order to manipulate us into killing ourselves, so that there won’t be any fight against them when they get here sometime in the future (I’ve got a guess on the year, but you’d have to know me to get that one)

How many people are being controlled through hypnosis to do all sorts of alien and foreign things? How often do you wonder why it is that the world is so f’d up?

I wonder it every day. The dark and corrupt things which people do no longer seem human to me. Maybe it’s not human.