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“The primate Mystics, most of them brain-damaged, endlessly told the other primates to “look within.” Most of the primates assumed, in primitive Aristotelian fashion, that what was within was some gaseous entity which they called “mind” or “soul.”{ unable to find such an abstraction, they either gave up in despair or took their negative results as a positive revelation and became adherents of the “no-mind” or “no-ego” philosophy of Buddha and David Hume.

Of course if they had truly looked within, scientifically, they would have found that their thoughts, percepts, and reality-tunnels were determined by the structure of the primate nervous system, which was determined by the genetic or molecular design of the primate evolutionary script, which was determined by the laws of quantum biophysics. That is concretely, their brains were shaped by cells shaped by molecules shaped by atoms shaped by quantum probabilities.” P. 344 of The Schrödinger’s cat Trilogy

I love that line of thinking. The implications are amazing. Note the tags that I put at the end, and imagine applying those concepts to your bio-computer.


Time for a physics lesson. Everything that makes up our existence is based purely off of subatomic energy fluctuating and reverberating along dimensions we are incapable of perceiving, including multiple time dimensions.

There is a little understood theory called the Quantum Inseparability Principal (QUIP for short). The basis and foundation of the theory rests in the multidimensional wave-particle duality of photons.

Energy makes up matter that fluctuates along more planes of existence than we can perceive.

Take a modern example: Utilizing vast quantities of the non-visible electromagnetic spectrum to pass energy/messages (cell phones/radio) through the atmosphere. These waves of communication that are broadcasting via satellites globally and radio towers locally create a field of energy that has never existed on the earth in the entirety of its’ evolution. Global communication and local broadcasting equipment was unheard of 100 years ago.

That is an example and a tangent to be explored later.

Going back to QUIP… a mutliverse  and a singular universe are predicted at the same time. Everything is interconnected in a cosmic weaving of energy that cannot be 100% predicted. A particle in the hair that’s growing on my left pinkie ring’s knuckle is inter-spatially connected to the furthest reaches of the cosmos, but we have no (well… most people have no) comprehension of this.


Apparently, because of a perspective problem.

This is a truly difficult problem when it comes to interpreting the world through the senses. Countless illusions seem to defy reality… yet they only defy the reality that the individual perceives. The perception of the viewer seems perfectly rational through their perspective… the real problem lies with the fact that our senses cannot be relied upon to form rational explanations, and that rational explanations in and of themselves can often be utterly and completely false!!!

It seems excessively contradictory to rely upon extra-sensory (Math is not a sense. Logic is not a sense. Imagination is arguably a sense, but not a classically considered one. Free-will is not a sense. (In the classical sense of the term ‘sense’)) perceptions to define my sensory perception of the world.

Yet so it is.

For instance; whatever it is that you do, wherever it is that you work, whoever you are and whatever your intelligence level (to a point, i suppose)… you know goddamn well that you are more intelligent than the stupid motherfuckers who lived on this planet 10,000 years ago. Now, if you could talk to one of those ancestors, if you could go back and speak with them for a while, you could teach them countless things that you yourself don’t even realize that you know! Even with the most elementary of modern teachings, you could quite possibly change all of history if you went back to the stone age with just that tiny fraction of what we know now.

So has reality itself changed? No, of course not. The only thing that has changed is our perception of reality.

That, is amazing.

Last weekend I had to do a bit of driving for the national guard. I was in a big truck called an LMTV. The thing only goes about 55 mph so I had plenty of time to think while I was driving down the interstate.

So anyways, I’m cruising along the Interstate without a radio at 55 mph, and I’m trying to think of things to keep me entertained over the next three hours. I look over to my right at the guy next to me named Mujahed Kuwa. Kuwa had a pretty interesting life story, and had seen things in his childhood that I would not wish upon anyone. He was born in Somalia and eventually had moved to Kenya before coming to the United States when he was 12. This was quite synchronous, I thought, as I had lived in Alaska before moving to the lower 48 at the age of 12.

At the moment Kuwa was sleeping. I looked back at the road and began to imagine a good dream for him. In my mind I was in Africa, following a cheetah through the grasslands. I began to imagine what it would be like to be the cheetah. My mind seemed to slip off into another quantum dimension, and I began to feel at one with the cheetah. To say this means that my imagination was fully immersed in the way that a cheetah would think, feel, smell… how it’s muscles would feel as it stalked through the grass searching for prey.

I then detached the video from my mind, and attempted to plant it in Kuwa’s mind. I didn’t ask him later on whether or not he had had a dream about cheetahs, but I should have.

After that, I detached from the image of the cheetah, and began to float above the grassland. I opened up my mind and transcended its’ limits, and allowed myself to search out the various animals in the area, so I could see through their eyes. I then floated higher in the sky, using my body as a focus point, and extended my vision into multiple animals at once. I could feel my ego dissolving into multiple viewpoints, a mouse somewhere in the grass, a grasshopper chirping in the distance. Though I felt open and receptive to the harmonies around me, I could also sense a lack of connection to the grass and the rocks and the air; so, I expanded my perspective out to include the vegetation and the inanimate objects.

As I did that, I felt supremely connected to much of what was around me. A nagging feeling came over me suddenly, and I still felt like I was not at one. Suddenly, I felt someone/something speak to me, and it said, “See through the light”. So, I attempted to shift my conscious perspective to that of the photons striking everywhere around me from the sun.

I could not have been more surprised with what I imagined. Trillions of light rays, streaking through space, headed for us here at Earth. These rays were doing nothing more than driving along the solar interstate, just as I was driving along our terrestrial interstate. I suddenly had this realization that I was consuming, devouring, literally capturing the energy of the sun’s rays as they struck me.

When light (consisting of the photon) strikes my eye, it gets absorbed by receptors and transmitted directly to the brain. Every single moment I am devouring millions if not billions of photons, gobbled up by my receptors and interpreted and digested by my unquenchable desire to ‘see’. I imagined the life of the photon, flying through space (picture the photon screaming wildly, like he’s driving a toyota that has the gas pedal stuck) and eventually smashing against the earth. The trees and animals and plants all greedily and mercilessly feasting on the never-ending onslaught of photons. See through the light, see the light being eaten and consumed by yourself and your surroundings. Witness the death of a photon. Damn that would make a funny cartoon.

Cruising along, I began to daydream about alternate plains of reality. It occurred to me that there is a reason that we should think upon the good. By imagining things which are good, we are reverberating along a wave fluctuation that permeates throughout the entire universe. We construct our realities through the quantum probability matrix. By focusing on permutations and fluctuations that are positive in value, it is possible to eventually eliminate all alternate realities, bringing new meaning to the idea that ‘sin is dead to me’. Through simple belief it actually may be possible to change reality.